Trey Parker Bio

As shown in the Trey Parker bio, Parker is the co-creator of the award-winning animated series South Park. Trey Parker first met South Park's other co-creator, Matt Stone, at the University of Colorado in Boulder (also shown in the Trey Parker biography). After an old-fashioned bidding war, South Park, the series, made its debut on Comedy Central on August 13, 1997, and has gone on to be the highest rated original series in the network's history, winning the CableACE award and being nominated for numerous prime time Emmys, making the biography of Trey Parker even larger. Additionally, a Southpark movie was released called South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (a successful addition to the Trey Parker bio and filmography). Another Trey Parker movie, Orgazmo, about a wholesome Mormon who becomes a celebrity in the Los Angeles adult film world, was introduced at the Sundance Film Festival. As you can see in the Trey Parker biography, he wrote, directed and starred in the movie Orgazmo.